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www.westerndancegroup.comName: Delrose A. Bahadure B.Sc. (Hons), Dip. Cert.
Bornof the lovely parish of Westmoreland, this lovely lady has been apart of Western Dance Group for the past 13 years. Delrose was introduced to the group by Robert Young (an actor in the group). With a dominant and entertaining personality she takes part in playing the drums, dancing and singing and also represents the group as its Public Relation Officer. Quite a large contribution to the group she also finds time to be an Event Planner, Decorator, Director of School and Entertainment  Lecturer at the Western Institute of the Arts Lecturer and the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission Administrator.As an active part of Western Revue she was dubbed with her stage name Roxie, this was given by Co-Workers at the Ritz Carlton Rose Hall Resort after performing a memorable rendition of “Roxie Hart” from the Movie/ Musical Chicago. She mainly sings with Western Revue.
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