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Fire dancing also known as, "fire twirling or "fire spinning" is a group performance where our dancers manipulates objects on fire. Typically these objects have one or more bundles of wicking, which are soaked in fuel and ignited throughout the performance. While Fire Dancing refers to the group performance, Fire Act refers to a single act done by one of the group's actors.
           Movements include juggling or baton twirling, and there is also an affinity between fire dancing and rhythmic gymnastics. Fire breathing is the act of creating a large flame by spraying, with one's breath, a flammable liquid upon an open flame. The flame is usually held an arm's length away and the spray should be both powerful and misty. This art is said to have originated in India and is mainly a movement done within a Fire Act performance. Fire Dancing and Fire Acts are often performed to music. Fire dancing has been a traditional part of cultures from around the world, and modern fire performance often includes visual and stylistic elements from many traditions.
           The typical construction of fire performance tools involves a metallic structure with wicking material made from but not limited to bath tissue. Kerosene is mainly used a fuel in these igniting performances. A favourite among audiences, Fire Acts and Fire Dancing often features as a dramatic highlight in performances.
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