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Western Dance Group has been around for the past thirty six (36) years and was founded by Mr. Michael Tabb, an outstanding past student of the School of Dance. Grooming this dance empire, the group started off with exciting but small acts which built their performances.
 In August 1998, Mr Tabb past away passing on the group to his second in command, Ms. Lisa Hayles. As one of the original group members, she took charge recruiting more and new talent for the industry and continued to improve on Mr. Tabb's foundation. In 2006, Ms. Hayles added a second group, "The Western Revue".
Western Dance Group has won Silver, Gold and Bronze medals at the JCDC Dance Festival, both Local and National levels. the group currently offers a native Jamaican floor show which consist of Single Actors, Singers and Dancers. There are currently 19 members in the group- eight (8) Dancers, four (4) Singers and seven (7) Actors including the groups' Drummer.
Montego Bay, St. James
Jamaica, W.I.
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